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Sri Sri Sri Siva Swami is the founder of the SRI SAIVA KSHETRAMU, located in the banks of Holy river Krishna, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. The mission of sri siva swami is to serve hinduism and protect Aarsha Dharma. Sri siva swami is a pure brahmachari and Sadachari. The Soul of his soul, the Life of his life, the Mind of his mind, the Ear of his ears, Light of all lights, Sun of whole suns, is none other than LORD PARAMA SHIVA, this is what siva swami believes in and follows on. The purity he attained is unquantifiable by our mere eyes, he is a lightning spark, nobody can pollute his word and vision or his path of dharma.  By the divine grace of  Lord parama shiva our siva swami  established a wonderful place in the banks of River Krishna to serve and support Hindu dharma, it is called SRI SAIVA KSHETRAMU. The great religious rituals performed in the kshetramu by siva swamiji with his holiness and with the help of his true followers. Till now  number of activities held in siva kshetramu. Siva swami always tries to bridge the gap between all communities, and religions by his powerful and  thoughtful speeches across the country. He is very fond of GOSEVA.

This website is run by his followers only.

Upcoming Events


As Ugadi festival celebrations commence, Swamiji will be staying at kshetramu only. Swamiji will be participating in events like panchanga sravanam, Ugadi special pooja, Press meet and other events.


Swamiji has a programme at Hyderabad on 27th March 2012. He will be planning to leave Hyderabad on 26th night of March.


Swamiji will be returning back to kshetramu.

29th , 30th , 31st March 2012

Swamiji will be staying at kshetramu. Discussions with the committee members over the construction related issues. Swamiji will be available for devotees on specified timings.

Recent Past Events


Swamiji had visited Nepal, on Nepal Rajgurus’ cordial invitation.


Swamji had returned back to India, visited Hyderabad office on 12th March. Swamiji returned to kshetramu on 13th March.

15th , 16th , 17th of March 2012

Swamiji was in his daily routines in these 3 days, given appointments were 2728.

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